Common SEO practices include keyword optimization, landing page optimization, content optimization, loading time, and many more factors which the search engines, like Google or Yahoo, update every few months. Experts estimate over 63,000 google searches are done per second on any given day. The first page of any given google search result gets somewhere between 90 to 92 percent clicks for every search. What that means for businesses is, being on the first page of Google really pays off.

SEO is how websites get organic traffic. It’s where a user searches some term or phrase in the search bar and clicks on a link that appears on the results page. Organic traffic is very efficient and effective because it practically works very well in finding an audience who is actively looking for a service or product that you offer. The people who find and clicks on your website from a search results page have, in fact, entered a search term that directly relates to your business. That’s the reason why everyone’s after SEO these days because every search matters. your competitor must probably be using it. And so should you.

However, there is a ton of research that goes into ensuring, or building, your site to be SEO-friendly. There’s keyword research, which is basically finding out search terms and phrases that directly correlates with your product or service or brand, that is typed into the search bar. Finding out the most common or most relevant keywords makes or breaks the SEO game. Next comes ensuring that your website loads quickly and is responsive to different environments, including mobile and voice search. Nowadays, everybody has a smartphone, and most use it to search for stuff on the internet. So the job doesn’t end at just creating a website. You have to also make sure that it performs well in different environments including mobile, and voice searches. Search engines are highly efficient in figuring out how well a website performs and what kind of an experience it provides to the user. They certainly want people to continue using their platform. So they obviously rank websites based on their performance in different environments.

That’s not all. Your website should also be faster to load and better to use. User experience is key in retaining visitors. You’ll have to make sure that your site is well laid out, and everything is rightly placed for best performance. This means giving the visitor the information or product that they were searching for and placing the right call-to-action (CTA) at the right place to ensure that they choose you. The varying trends and likes of users also weigh in here. There are certain layouts and designs that perform well for some industries. There are also some aspects in web designing that moves with time. So make sure that your website is well designed with respect to your industry and the time.

Doing all this research, figuring out the specific requirements for your brand, and designing a website by yourself can be hard. Being a startup or an SME, most firms go for in-house development. This is where they go wrong. Building a website is always for the long haul. It stays with your brand. A website is your brand’s digital identity. As a best digital marketing company in Kochi, we have the expertise to effectively build your business and reach customers. Our proven strategies and innovative approaches ensure impactful results for your brand’s growth. So building a high-performing website that your audiences would love is the key. But then again, what about the research, the development overheads, and the upkeeping?

Question: How do you make sure that your website ranks higher than your competitors, especially when they’re also using SEO?

Answer: Connect with Amatosoft, to build your website and optimize it for the search-driven competitive realm of the internet.

SEO Service in Kochi

Amatosoft is an SEO agency that delivers great results for its customers. Our state-of-the-art SEO strategies include content optimization, web development, landing page development, keyword optimization, backlinking, digital branding, etc., and more.

We realize how important it is for companies to connect with their prospects. The SEO strategies that we deliver for our customers are efficient and highly effective. We can assure high click-through rates (CTR), higher conversion rates, and great web development services. We build websites for brands and companies which are highly optimized for better search ranking so that they can reach their audience. If you can reach out to your audience through organic search results, that builds trust and ensures a better conversion rate.