Why Amatosoft

Amatosoft is the leading website design and development firm in Kochi. Our clientele is the fast growing SMEs in the metro city who need to up their game in the digital-driven marketing and sales domain. We’ve managed to make a name in intelligent responsive websites that convert random site visitors into regular customers and evangelists.

If you already have a sound base on web development and just want someone to build/rebuild a website for you, then you’re in the right place. Check out our contact-us page and get in touch with us so we can take this further right away. However, since you have ventured this far into our site, we’ll cut the ‘what is web development’ and spare you the lecture on ‘web development is basically the art of developing a website for the internet’. You already know that part. So we’ll head straight to the why.

There’s no scalable future for entrepreneurships without a website. The world is online, and so is the business everywhere around the globe. There are literally millions of searches done every second, and a huge chunk of those searches are specifically targeted for a niche result or information. That’s the power of the web. Noe imagine what your firm could achieve if you could somehow target those searches that look for what you have to offer. A website is your online identity. It’s your brand represents and what your firm has to offer for the world. So you have to make sure that your brand is conveying the brand’s tone, personality, and attitude towards your potential clients.

That’s just how a website influences your offline activity. Web-based applications and products are gaining a much more powerful momentum in the internet-powered world of ours. The term ‘Web development’ has advanced from creating a web page or static website to the e-commerce, online streaming, and advanced interactive media platforms to social networking sites. Everywhere we go, every key decision we make, and every step of our way, there’s the influence of the web in one form or the other. Google, Facebook, and Amazon are just a few names where we spend time and money. Today, almost all business has some kind of online presence and most of them are actively trying to lead us to them to make a first impression. That’s how deep the web goes into our lives.

The first impression is particularly important because research shows us that a random visitor in any of our website spends an average of less than 3 minutes. So within that small window, we need to provide them with the right choice, at the right time or they leave. Be it a relevant information that they are looking for, or a product or service, we need to offer them within these 3 minutes. Or even better, we need them to revisit the site preferably at least 4-5 times and keep them for longer durations.

Amatosoft has done deep research in user behaviour and trends to design the most ideal and high-performing website you’ll want. We understand that your website is a crucial element of your brand and that is highly influential in keeping your brand alive among your customers. So we have developed our own unique workflows and design layouts to provide you the most efficient and search-engine friendly website for your business/brand.

Our architecture is sound and solid, based on the latest technical innovations in programming. We use secure and advanced programming combinations to make sure that your website performs well in search results, offer high value to its visitors, and convert from a random site visitor to a recurring subscriber/user/client.

Amatosoft is the leading web developer firm in Kochi because we use responsive designs and key implementation pillars to make our websites easy to use and beautiful. Our team here is highly qualified and keeps innovating to provide our clients with better than the best. We are driven by our vision to become a trusted partner for companies for web development, digital marketing and digital branding. Our mission is to add more value to our clients by providing high quality, reliable and cost effective web development and digital marketing services. That being said, we do keep everything highly professional, and our clients can contact us anytime during the development stage of the website. We believe in working hand-in-hand for the ideal solution that our customers really want. Since the beginning of the firm, we’ve served clients from all industries and fronts.

Amatosoft is a trusted name in the web development domain in Kochi because our solutions are fluid, responsive and offer great user experience for the site visitors. Amatosoft creates wordpress websites, e-commerce sites, blog sites and more. We believe in the technology we use to build websites for our customers. We consistently try to reinvent and innovate web development solutions to make sure that our customer’s websites are always a step ahead than their competitors. Our research team is always on the lookout for the latest emerging design and technology trends.

We relentlessly test our websites for weak points and flaws to make sure that it works perfectly once gone online. We check through several layers of security milestones, to make sure that your visitors passwords and other sensitive data is secure. We also test if the site’s prone to malware and unauthorised access. Only after these excessive testing, we move to the next step and publish the site on the web. This is also the case for design and layouts. We make sure that there are no design flaws or layout design fails so that your visitor may feel overwhelmed or lost.

So worry no more, and head over to our contact-us page to get in touch with us right away, and together let’s make a beautiful and efficient website for your brand.